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Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
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Case 1. Irina, 40 – USA

“I began to have dark spots on my cheek area that covered my entire face!
I have tried exfoliating treatments, microdermabrasion, hydroquinone and they all lighten the skin, but do not remove spots. Therefore, I decided to use cosmelan. After one week, my face was almost perfect!

The skin was free of spots and radiant. Using cosmelan 2 daily, spots continued to fade throughout the treatment. One year after using cosmelan my skin is still free of spots. In addition, to prolong the results, to prevent recurrence of the spots, I use melan tran3x concentrate and tran3x gel-cream.”

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Case 2. Caroline, 35 – Florida, USA

“After I had my first child, melasma appeared on my forehead, the upper area of the cheeks and the nose bridge. I tried all types of treatments: creams based on hydroquinone, peels, even IPL laser, in a period of two years. I have spent at least $10,000.
With cosmelan my melasma has disappeared up to

98%. My skin has never been so even, I cannot stop looking at myself in the mirror! I cannot express how exceptional the results have been when no previous method had worked. I recommend it in case you suffer severe, refractory melasma.”

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Case 3. Nicolo, 37 – South Africa

“I had a lot of spots on my skin and some freckles, but then I took cosmelan treatment one year ago and I obtained very good results. It is important that you follow the treatment to the letter, as recommended, with cosmelan 1 and 2.”

Case 4. Rachel – Texas, USA

“I am very happy with the results! It is the first time, after years, that I can go out without make-up on the face.
To maintain the results I use cosmelan 2 once a day. I am very careful with the sun, use sunscreen and a hat so that melasma does not return.”

Case 5. Valeria, 29 – Puerto Rico

“I tried cosmelan method four years ago, and it was fantastic. From the first day, spots began to disappear. Then at night I used to put on the maintenance cream and in the morning I woke up radiant. My face was perfect, I couldn’t believe it.”

Case 6. Indira, 33 – India

“Cosmelan treatment helped me restore my self-esteem. Now I go out without make-up. I really recommend it to those who haven’t found a solution for their skin.”

Case 7. Elizabeth, 42 – Philippines

“It was really worthwhile. I have been fighting against melasma for the last eight years and no other product has obtained this wonderful result. It is important that, despite the good feelings, you do not give up at this point. It is essential to continue the treatment and enhance and maintain the result! ”

Case 8. Aeryn, 44 – Arab Emirates

“I tried the treatment some years ago and I would repeat it. It renews the whole skin and makes spots and even wrinkles disappear.”

Case 9. Evelyn, 51 – Philippines

“I spent a lot of money on different methods: laser, hydroquinone, peels… and nothing worked, until I tried cosmelan. I am very pleased with the result!”


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